About Us

Skylite Networks is a comprehensive mix of various departments from IPTV to Ethernet cable sales, and from web development services to managing transportation systems.

As leaders in the technological oasis of Networks, we offer services in the domain of Networks equipment, video distribution, application development and transportation modeling.

Founded in 1994, Skylite Networks is a privately held company, with headquarters in Fremont, California. In the middle of a rapidly evolving technological environment, we gathered an unrivaled team to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. We have also gained nationwide recognition for pioneering the design and production of satellite downlink equipment. Satellites have traditionally been used to deliver video, but the world has recently witnessed a paradigm shift: IP based streaming is progressively becoming the new communications medium of choice.

Through our subsidiary platform, iAfrica.TV, we provide video-based entertainment to the African diaspora. TV channels from Africa are streaming live to the rest of the world through the use of the latest IPTV Technologies.

We have also been involved in research and development of a wide variety of communication cables and related equipment. Our Innovation coupled with an engineering edge has enabled us to launch our own brand name 1000ftCables.com

Skylite is working towards developing tools for providing transportation planning services. Our focus is on simulation models for integrated modeling of multi-model transportation scenarios, which include Transportation Network Companies, autonomous vehicles and vehicle fleet electrification. Our state-of-the-art simulation models are aimed at providing the public and private sector and will allow large-scale transportation scenarios with high temporal and spatial resolution.

While maintaining and successfully cultivating these core businesses, we have also expanded into a wide spectrum of video streaming via IP, server management, web designing, mobile application development and Online Marketing via SEO & social networks.

In all of the services we provide, we are committed to high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative solutions. Through leadership, integrity and honesty, we demonstrate our commitment to clients.