Graphics & Video Editing

Graphics is what serves as the bread and butter of computing devices. We, the skylite, as an institution brings quality packed graphic related services at very affordable prices to make your systems glow  with decency of graphical optimization.

Logo – Brand Design

Logo is the stand out figure  of a particular business setup     . It establishes a link between the attributes of an organization and the targeted audience. It serves as a guideline, a summary of the operations in pictorial and written form. Symbols help consumer understand the longs and shorts of a particular business.   An attractive but decent logo displayed prominently dignifies the overall outlook and impression of material under study. We are well-versed in the art of logo design and arrangement patterns.

Price: $275

Business Card Design

A simple but handy tool in business demonstrations is the use of business card. The task of promoting skills,  businesses and services is met easily in a cost- effective mode. We are proficient in designing and fabricating business cards.

Price: $99

Flyer | Poster | Banner Design

Flyers, posters and banners are healthy sources of advertisements. They are intended to catch the attractions of massive audience. Well-designed and beautifully displayed banners and flyers appease the mind and thoughts of the public. We as an institution collaborate in a professional way to bring up all the essentials for a dignified and splendid outlook of flyers, posters and banners.

Price: $120

Brochure | eDesign | Presentation

Brochures is a handout explaining all the pertinent descriptions related to a  particular business. An ever better way could be the use of technology in highlighting your credentials in the form of e-brochures.We are skilled in creating, designing and orientating brochures and e-brochures to match your requirements.

Price: $250

Booklet | Folder Design

A simplistic approach to elaborate the business layout is the use of booklet  . Folder designs and booklets makes the description more vibrant, vigilant and applied oriented. Our team of dedicated professionals are expert in handling the design and display of booklets.

Price: $425

QR Code | Social Media – Company Logo Icons

Let’s exenplify the advertising operations with the use of smart technology. QR codes can store all the mandatory information and digital devices are used to decode the stored information. A smart phone user can use his camera to scan the encrypted information and get a know how about the products and services on offer. Designated social media pages can be accessed in no time. Logos and icons explaining the basic demographic features of one’s  businesses , skills and services and can can help them reach to maximum audience via digital technology.

Price: $99